Join Silhill Lodge

 What do I need to do to become a Mason? 

Having decided to seriously persue the question of becoming a Mason, your first step will be to contact someone you know to be a Mason and express an interest in joining the fraternity. There is still a misconception in some people's minds that you have to be invited to join - this is no longer true.  If you do not know anyone who is a Mason we invite you to get in contact with our Secretary. He will introduce you to the person who can take the matter further. There will naturally be a process undertaken to ensure that you understand the commitment you are making and that your family support your application.

We look forward to you joining the fraternity.


 What happens next?

You will be asked to complete a registration form, which the Lodge Secretary will check and if satisfactory you will be called upon at home by appointment to discuss your application and raise any queries or issues which require clarification.  It is usual for your partner to be part of these discussions so they are fully aware of the commitments into which you are entering. You will not be put under any pressure to join, neither will you be committing yourself to anything at this stage. If you decide at this time that it is not for you, then we will be happy to hear from you again at some future time.

If you would like to proceed and the brethren who have met you feel that you will fit in with the Lodge, then you will be formally proposed at a meeting and every member of the Lodge will be entitled to vote in a ballot at a Lodge meeting as to whether you should be admitted as a member. If the ballot is satisfactory you will receive a letter from the Lodge Secretary inviting you to attend for your Initiation at a regular meeting of the Lodge.